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Learn how to use the laser cut

Maker Movement
Dec 1, 2016

Inkscape & Full Spectrum Hobby Laser Basic Tutorial

Welcome to our Full Spectrum Hobby Laser tutorial. We created these materials as a culminating project for ITLS 6350, an instructional design class at Utah State University taught by Dr. Yanghee Kim. We have designed this instruction to help science K-12 teachers to learn the basics of using Inkscape software to prepare files for cutting and how to operate this specific laser. Ryan Cain and Kevin Lawanto are both graduate students studying Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. Thank you to Thomas Amely for teaching us how to use these tools. This work would not have been possible without access to a laser cutter. We thank Dr. Victor Lee for making the Computational Craft Lab available for our project.

The videos are intended to be followed along on a separate screen while you perform the actions that we model. We hope you use two computers, one for the tutorial and one that you operate the software on. You may try a tablet to run the videos, but a computer would be ideal. The videos have been broken down to make it easier to review a skill that needs a bit more practice.

Start from here and follow the instructions

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